Event In Pictures

In Uncategorized on November 5, 2010 at 2:31 pm

Who would have believed this celebration of local community would occur during an unexpected snowfall that meant all trains into and out of Forest Hill would stop running and we would find our little town centre quite literally isolated from the outside world? Despite, and in some ways because of the incredible weather, the Who is…? Forest Hill Pop Up was a real success.

Event Images

A Chilly Night at the Campervantastic Info Desk

A Cosy Scene - The Christmas Deccy Workshop at Stag and Bow

Dom with Students Inside Robert Stanford Real Estate

Just as Woodenfinger's puppet show is about to kick off at Sylvan Post

Join in Jazz at From the Forest

Making Christmas Cards

Mirror Mirror - Christmas Hair Crew (Contact New Shopper to Purchase)

African Drummming Workshop at the Mind Body Academy

Vegetable Carving Workshop at the Thai Orchard

Jonathan Naess - Green Without the Envy (Contact New Shopper to Purchase)

Doing Local - Dulwich OnView at St David Coffee House

Carol Singers at Forest Hill Shoe Repair

Mayor Steve Bullock and Antic's Philly at Sylvan Post

Maria the Songstress at The Hob

Woodenfinger Puppet Theatre (Contact New Shopper for purchase)


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