Creative Writing – Let’s Write a Story

University of the Third Age

What Are We Doing?

First sentence and situation provided – now write!

As National Coordinator, Creative Writing of U3a Maggie Smith is experienced in workshops, ongoing groups, etc. The Library is a very appropriate place to write! This is a ‘rolling’ Workshop; there is no need to book. Simply drop in, pick up a pen and paper, ask a few questions if necessary, write and then read aloud to others (voluntary!) Beginner or experienced, all welcome.

When Are We On?

To find out when and where we are doing our thing, follow this link.

Where Will We Be?

We will be taking part at Forest Hill Library. Click on the link to find out where that is.

About Us

U3A stands for the University of the Third Age, which is a self-help organisation for people no longer in full time employment providing educational, creative and leisure opportunities in a friendly environment. It consists of local U3As all over the UK, which are charities in their own right and are run entirely by volunteers. Local U3As are learning cooperatives which draw upon the knowledge, experience and skills of their own members to organise and provide interest groups in accordance with the wishes of the membership. The teachers learn and the learners teach. Between them U3As offer the chance to study over 300 different subjects in such fields as art, languages, music, history, life sciences, philosophy, computing, crafts, photography and walking. A typical U3A has about 250 members but could be as small as 12 and as large as 2000.

The U3A approach to learning is – learning for pleasure. There is no accreditation or validation and there are no assessments or qualifications to be gained.

EMail: magu3a@talktalk.net

For further information, go to http://u3a.org.uk/


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