Cycle Surgery

photo of Finches Ski and Cycle

What Are We Doing?

Cycle workshop & Keeping warm this winter

Bradley will give advice on basic repairs and how to solve your bike problems between 6 and 7pm. Once you have had your problems answered, browse through our shop full of hats, gloves and boots to keep you warm this winter as you sip some warm mulled wine; the shop is full of warm Christmas present ideas

When Are We On?

To find out when and where we are doing our thing, follow this link.

Where Will We Be?

In our own shop! Click on the link to find out where that is.

About Us

Finches is a family run store with six differant departments, Skiing, Snowboarding, Cycling and General Sports in the Winter months and Sailing,Cycling, Skateboarding and General Sports in the Summer months, all within our 2000 sq’ft shop.

At Finches, we always like to deal with you on a personal basis whenever possible, especially for the larger purchases and always for equipment. When this is not possible, we offer a Mail Order service which is second to none. Simply choose your items from our sites’ pages; then telephone, fax, write or email and discuss with our friendly, experienced staff your personal measurements or ideals. Our staff know how different brands fit so with this advantage we can get it right first time.

PRICE CRUSADE We have always offered our customers a “UK WIDE PRICE GUARANTEE”. This year is no exception and you will find the prices and choices beyond belief. We will continue to spend all the time necessary to make sure your purchases are correct for you, which will enhance your cycling pleasure. Comfort and Suitability guarantees will not be affected

For further information, go to http://www.finches-ski.com and http://www.finchesbikes.com/

Telephone: (020) 8699 6768
EMail: finches@btinternet.com


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