Invisible People

What Are We Doing?

Request an individual face-to-face performance of a poem, a joke or a story.
3rdthought, the over 60’s theatre group, has invented a low-key intervention performance piece that installs pairs of actors with a third ‘minder’ in public spaces ready to be asked to deliver poems, stories, jokes and tips (and,soon, tricks) as short, face-to-face, one-to-one miniature ‘shows’.Sometimes the material on offer is ‘themed’. “Love’ and ‘Gardens’ have been specific topics. This is one aspect of a company that has made a name for itself as a radical theatre group under Peter Avery’s direction, doing work by writers like Martin Crimp and devising shows like ‘Paradise’ that toured seven London boroughs and was a key part Of Berlin’s ‘Long Night of the Theatre’. 3rdthought is a satellite project of the arts charity 1st Framework

When Are We On?

To find out when and where we are doing our thing, follow this link.

Where Will We Be?

We will be taking part at St David’s Coffee House. Click on the link to find out where that is.

About Us

1st Framework is a charity with an ’empty studio’ policy enabling it to assemble new teams, spaces and schedules on each occasion, while developing projects that often fall outside the normal funding criteria. It is known for its cross-art-form work performed in unconventional surroundings staged by a rich variety of partner organisations and arts practitioners. Its award winning inter-generational work with older people, originally developed during a long partnership with the Mary Ward Centre, is radical and ambitious.

As a production company, 1st Framework comes at the arts from a community, intergenerational angle, providing unique events and experiences, including ecological projects, while creating work experience and volunteering opportunities.

1st Framework also provides creative teams from a range of disciplines to work with a variety of art and design clients. Profits from these activities are covenanted to the charity to provide essential research and development resources for future projects.

Telephone: (020) 7022 1941
EMail: nfo@1stframework.org

For further information, go to http://www.1stframework.org/


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