Ruprect & Pelznickel

Woodenfingers Theatre Co.

What Are We Doing?

We will be presenting a dark, sweet and sinister festive tale of adventure, confusion and over-fed goats told with puppets from a theatre that folds out of a suitcase.

Ruprect must do his utmost to save Christmas from the clutches of the cruel and conniving Krampus and his plan to enslave the world’s children! An original story based on folklore.

When Are We On?

To find out when and where we are doing our thing, click here for the afternoon session or follow this link for the later session.

Where Will We Be?

We will be taking part at the Sylvan Post. Click on the link to find out where that is.

About Us

Woodenfingers Theatre Co. began in the bleak winter of 2008, the idea of Samuel Wyer and Mabel Jones, with a simple story about being naughty and nice. Since then we have performed shows in theatres and at events and festivals all over the country. Our theatre folds out of a suitcase and our puppets pop out of a basket, which makes our shows entirely portable. Our stories are inspired by details or characters borrowed from folklore the world over. Live music or our wind-up gramophone accompanies them. The tales we tell are neither for children nor adults, they’re for anyone who would like to listen to a story.

We offer group workshops where participants, be they young or old, can learn how to make simple puppets and the basics of manipulation. These sessions can be catered specifically to each event and can include music making, story writing and telling.

If you would like to book a workshop, a show or ask us how we can work together, please get in touch

EMail: hello@woodenfingers.co.uk

For further information, go to www.woodenfingers.co.uk, follow us on twitter or write on our wall at Facebook.


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