Sacred Himalaya

 Dancing monks of Tserkarmo Monastery

What Are We Doing?

Sacred Himalaya is a magical theatre of masked dance, mudras, tibetan horns and music bringing the monastic healing arts to the community. A two part event, with the construction of a Tibetan Sand Mandala and theatre of Tibetan masked dance and music, the monks will be giving a demonstration at orest Hill Library..

Starting on Tuesday, 30 November, the monks of Tserkarmo Monastery will be constructing a Green Tara sand mandala painting, pouring grain by grain of coloured sand over four days at the Horniman Museum, before finally destroying it as a symbol of impermanence and processing to Dulwich Park at 2:00 pm on Friday, 3 December.

When Are We On?

To find out when and where we are doing our thing, follow this link.

Where Will We Be?

We will be taking part at the Forest Hill Library. Click on the link to find out where that is.

About Us

The Sacred Art of the Himalaya demonstrates the application of the Himalayan monastic arts of healing and its centuries old cultural performances that are deeply rooted in the Buddhist concept of love, compassion, tolerance and non-violence. It encompasses an authentic performance of the most sacred tantric music, chants, Mask dance and mudras (sign language). These are the core essence of the tantric practices of Tibetan Buddhism. Members of the audience will be guided in a step by step process for generating positive energy for self-healing and reconciliation. This is an excellent opportunity to have a glimpse into the rich Tibetan Buddhist tradition.

Charity Performance

On Saturday 4th December at 7.30 pm, Buddhist monks from the Tskeramo Monastery in Ladakh, India, will perform an extraordinary combination of monastic chamber music, chants and vibrant masked dance at the Michael Croft Theatre, Alleyn’s School, Townley Road, Dulwich. SE22 8SU. (Doors open 6.45 pm).

Vividly demonstrating the Himalayan monastic arts of healing, this centuries-old ceremonial is deeply rooted in the Buddhist concept of love, compassion and tolerance. Tickets are £15 and £12 ( concession). Buy online or call TicketWeb on (08444) 771000

Telephone: Call Yasmin on (07581) 879892
EMail: sacredhimalaya@hotmail.com

For further information, go to http://www.treasurehimalaya.eu/


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