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What Was Who is…? Forest Hill

In Activity, Venue on November 26, 2010 at 2:10 pm

A Community Happening

A “community happening” in which local businesses became mini performance spaces, local people transformed empty shops into Christmas pop-ups, and local pubs and restaurants turned into local community networking and workshop venues.

The Point

To inspire the people of Forest Hill about being members of a vibrant and dynamic local community through an event made up of local community run activities that celebrate what makes our community – our skills, shared interests, the buildings and facilities that support our activities, the businesses that operate, the institutions we have, and the groups and associations that exist here.

To also engage the people of Forest Hill within this event in exploring new connections and relationships that could better support our local economy and the local services we all need, use and share as a community.

Event Structure

Timings: The event ran from 6pm – 9pm with a party upstairs at the Hob to finish. There were also some after-school activities 3 – 6pm.

Sessions: Most venues held 3 x 45minute Pop Ups. However, some activities, for example the DIY Christmas Card sessions, went over the entire event. The slots were as follows:

  • 6-6.45 pm
  • 7-7.45 pm
  • 8-8.45 pm

Getting around: People were given maps to navigate locations and times of activities.

What We Had Hoped For: 40 – 50 activities over the night, spread across 15 venues.

Our Final Programme: 60 activities spread across 30 venues

What Actually Happened: Even with the severe weather forcing the closing of some venues and cancelation of some pop ups, Who is…? still delivered something very close to our original hope.

The Feel We Hoped to Achieve: Something warm, lovely and community with roaming Christmas choirs and previously dark and empty shop windows offering scences of Christmas card and decoration-making sessions in full view from the street.

The Feel We Got: Uncannily how we imagined but with a tuba accompanying the choir and lots and lots of snow.


The beautiful new poster by Zoe Pencils.

Other Credits



Sarah Hill Research and Facilitation : sarah@sarahhill.org

Alison Wadley Communications


Sacred Himalayan Dance – A preview session from the Horniman Museum

This preview will also cover snippets of what you will see at the theatre performance at Michael Croft Theatre, Alleyns School, Townley Road Dulwich SE22 8SU 4th December. Tickets on Ticketweb or call 08444 77 1000. Quote “Forest Hill Pop Up” to be eligible for early bird offers. www.alleyns.org.uk