To find out what is happening at the Campervantastic van, between 6  and 9 pm, look at the list of their Activities.

Where Are We?

Although we are located on Stanstead Road, we will be parked outside Forest Hill Station on the night. However here are the office details

Map to Campervantastic

Unit 5,
118 Stanstead Road,
Forest Hill,

Telephone: (020) 8291 6800
EMail: hire@campervantastic.com

About Us

CamperVantastic began in 2006 and was the inspiration of Steve and Kate Lumley. Both experienced and seasoned travellers they have backpacked, camped, and travelled extensively across Europe, India, Africa and have also trekked in the mountains of Nepal and across the wilderness and glaciers of Alaska! It was following their amazing adventure in 2007, with their two small children, that they rediscovered their love of Europe and Campervanning. (Read their travel blog if you like)

Together with the assistance of their “Vantastic” crew they bring you a wealth of practical experience and an alternative way to travel, where you take control of when and where to go in the comfort of a well equipped campervan.

For further information, go to http://www.campervantastic.com


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