Stag & Bow

Awaiting Photo


Come on down to Stag & Bow and unleash your good crafty self with a glue stick and some sparkle making good old fashioned Christmas crafty fun.
To find out what is happening at Stag & Bow, between 6  and 9 pm, look at the list of their Activities

Where Are We?

Map to Stag & Bow

8 Dartmouth Road,
Forest Hill,

Telephone: (020) 8291 4992
EMail: info@stagandbow.com

About Us

Stag & Bow are racing to get their store ready in time for PopUpForestHill. They will be opening up shortly where Mayo Maker used to be. We wish Cyrus and Pascale all the luck.

They will be an emporium like no other. They are aiming to be a celebration of creativity, originality and history. Whether you are in seacrh of an original piece of furniture, a handcrafted piece of jewellery, a unique item of clothing or looking to develop a skill in one of their creative workshops, they invite you to inspire and be inspired.

For further information, go to www.stagandbow.com


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