Sylvan Post

the former Post Office

Sylvan Post, formerly the Post Office


The former Post Office will be opening its doors once again for a one night Pop Up Pub event.

Learn to make delicious Christmas Cocktails, Mulled Cider and Mulled Wine with our Festive Mixologist in a venue soon to be transformed into Antic’s newest pub, The Sylvan Post, so you really can say you were drinking there before it opened!

For a tiny fee that would keep even Scrooge happy we will provide all the secrets you need to learn how to make some impressive additions to your Christmas Drinks Cabinet.

The Sylvan Post will be opening its doors at 3 pm to let parents and children have fun making Christmas Cards. To find out what is happening at the Sylvan Post, between 6  and 9 pm, look at the list of their Activities.

Where Are We?

Map to Sylvan Post

24 Dartmouth Road,
Forest Hill,

Telephone: (020) 7733 8805
EMail: Please use our Contact Form

About Us

The Sylvan Post will be the latest in Antic’s line of pubs. Antic Ltd is a pub company with a difference. We take the ordinary and make it extrordinary, while keeping a back to basics approach. With 16 amazing pubs and more on the way , all are proper pubs with pork scratchings, we also provide some of the best entertainment that London has to offer, as the mountains of rave reviews testify.

For further information, go to http://antic-ltd.com/


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