What Was Who is…? Forest Hill

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A Community Happening

A “community happening” in which local businesses became mini performance spaces, local people transformed empty shops into Christmas pop-ups, and local pubs and restaurants turned into local community networking and workshop venues.

The Point

To inspire the people of Forest Hill about being members of a vibrant and dynamic local community through an event made up of local community run activities that celebrate what makes our community – our skills, shared interests, the buildings and facilities that support our activities, the businesses that operate, the institutions we have, and the groups and associations that exist here.

To also engage the people of Forest Hill within this event in exploring new connections and relationships that could better support our local economy and the local services we all need, use and share as a community.

Event Structure

Timings: The event ran from 6pm – 9pm with a party upstairs at the Hob to finish. There were also some after-school activities 3 – 6pm.

Sessions: Most venues held 3 x 45minute Pop Ups. However, some activities, for example the DIY Christmas Card sessions, went over the entire event. The slots were as follows:

  • 6-6.45 pm
  • 7-7.45 pm
  • 8-8.45 pm

Getting around: People were given maps to navigate locations and times of activities.

What We Had Hoped For: 40 – 50 activities over the night, spread across 15 venues.

Our Final Programme: 60 activities spread across 30 venues

What Actually Happened: Even with the severe weather forcing the closing of some venues and cancelation of some pop ups, Who is…? still delivered something very close to our original hope.

The Feel We Hoped to Achieve: Something warm, lovely and community with roaming Christmas choirs and previously dark and empty shop windows offering scences of Christmas card and decoration-making sessions in full view from the street.

The Feel We Got: Uncannily how we imagined but with a tuba accompanying the choir and lots and lots of snow.


The beautiful new poster by Zoe Pencils.

Other Credits



Sarah Hill Research and Facilitation : sarah@sarahhill.org

Alison Wadley Communications


Sacred Himalayan Dance – A preview session from the Horniman Museum

This preview will also cover snippets of what you will see at the theatre performance at Michael Croft Theatre, Alleyns School, Townley Road Dulwich SE22 8SU 4th December. Tickets on Ticketweb or call 08444 77 1000. Quote “Forest Hill Pop Up” to be eligible for early bird offers. www.alleyns.org.uk


The Programme for 02 December (Inc. Last Minute News Flash Updates)

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This column contains the final programme as existed on the morning of 02 December including event updates relating to the extreme weather conditions

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow
Carols (with tuba) on the streets, our own mini Christmas forest (on Dartmouth), shop windows filled with scenes of rugged-up people sitting around tables in lovely cosy spaces making Christmas cards and decorations, mulled wine and mince pies a-plenty – let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…

Grab a guide

Click on the image below to print your own copy of the guide showing where and when all the activities are being held.

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Important Schedule Amendments

Mirror Mirror Christmas Hair session will start at 6pm not at 3pm as shown in guides

Invisible People Theatre Performance at St David Coffee House is being replaced by an extended “How to Local” being run by Dulwich OnView.

Parent Child Yoga scheduled at 5pm at Twist Studios has been cancelled due to Ill health

Little Red Rooster Virtual Communications and PR will be at Robert Stanford at 8pm and not Eaton Property as shown in earlier guides.

You can now go to our Pop Up Activity page to find the location and times of more than 50 Pop Ups including…

The MindBody Experience at Carers in Waldram Place, 6 – late, More Info: Karen Small mindbodyacademy@gmail.com

Join in on a Great South London Networking Session with Dulwich Onview, 7 – 7.45 @ St David Coffee House. More info, http://dulwichonview.org.uk/

Join a Walking Group, Forest Hill Walking Group Introduction and Joining Session 7 -7.45 @ Question Bar and Dining. More Info: Quetta Kaye, quetta@foresthillsociety.com

Toddler Art with Messy Makers
with Jeni Johnson, Messymakers, 6 – 6.45@ Rubadubs Nursury. More Info: 07730 503 080

Meditation for Blissful Living – Hum your way to Happiness, Meditation taster with LifeBliss Meditation, 7 – 7.45 @ Robert Standford Real Estate. More Info: www.lifebliss-uk.blogspot.com / Sat-Roopini Ananda, 07962 638 635

Request an individual face-to-face performance of a poem, a joke or a story – “Invisible People”, 6 -6.45 @ St David Coffee House

What to wear to emphasise your physical assets. Workshop sessions exploring the language of dressing, creating “character”, costume evolution. Participants also receive personal styling advice. Cost £5 per head, 6pm and 8pm sharp. Pre booking recommended. Pls arrive 15 minutes early. More info: http://www.costumehirelondon.com, Brian @ Antoinette Costume Hire, High Street Buildings, 134 Kirkdale, SE26 4BB. Tel 020 8699 1913

Free Fitness Testing and Gym Try – Out @ énergie Fitness Club, Forest Hill, 6 – 9, More Info: http://www.energiefitnessclubs.com/foresthill/

Join in Jazz @ From the Forest, 5 – 7 + 8 – 9 @ From The Forest Coffee House + Children Story Telling, 4 -5pm, More Info: info@kollier.co.uk

Business Communication in a Virtual World, Victoria Short, Little Red Rooster, Little Red Rooster
We ♥ gadgets, music, fashion & technology, communications and PR, 8 – 9 @ Robert Standford, More Info: www.littleredrooster.co.uk / Victoria Short, 07841 997 886, 0208 244 3528

T-Shirt Painting (Cost: £3.50 per shirt).We will also be offering complimentary tapas and sangria as well as 10% off all purchases on the night from 4. More Info: 148 Kirkdale, Sydenham, SE26 4BB, Telephone: 020 3417 6385, Email: mail@alhambrahome.co.uk

Electoral Reform Debate, Chris Phillips to debate Cllr Alex Feakes 8 – 8.45pm @Question Bar and Dining. More Info: Question Bar and Dining 020 8699 5686

Christmas Gifts, Manicure and Mince Pies, 3 – 9 @ Bunka, More Info: http://www.facebook.com/pages/London-United-Kingdom/Bunka-Forest-Hill/102951949769395 Tel Ashyn 020 8291 4499

A Pop-Up Christmas Forest on Dartmouth Road from Maurice. More info. 07956 232 612

Write a Song, Play an Instrument, Lay Down a Track, Play in a Band! No previous musical experience needed. Kids Jamming and Recording with The Songstress / 4 – 4.45pm @ The Hob
Adult Jamming and Recording with The Songstress / 8 – 8.45pm @ the Hob
More info: www.yoursongstress.com / 07545 638 441

The Foundation to Starting Your Business, followed by a question and answers session with Community Experts / 6 – 6.45 @ Brothers Cafe. More info: www.communityexperts.co.uk / 020 3287 1062

Christmas Hair, Mulled Wine, Mince Pies and a Malay Head Massage 3 – 8.45 @ Mirror Mirror
More info: Call Sally 07867781419

How To: Keep Warm and Cycle Workshop Cycle 6 – 8.45 @ Finches Ski and Cycle
More info : http://finches-ski.com / 020 8699 6768

Forest Hill Local Community Workshop
– what needs doing with the physical environment of the town centre and how we can all help shape its future / 7 – 7.45 @ Finches Ski and Cycle
Bring your ideas, thoughts, concerns and actions!

Come and meet the monks – a Taste of Tibetan Culture / Miniature Fair and Performance 7 -7.45 @ Forest Hill Library. A preview session of the 4th Dec Theatre performance at Michael Croft Theatre, Alleyns School. More info: www.alleyns.org.uk or call 07581 879 892

Ruprecht & Pelznickel, Puppet Theatre “If you EVER get the chance to see this company perform, you absolutely must” 6 – 6.45 @ Sylvan Post (Old Post Office). More Info: http://www.woodenfingers.co.uk / Mabel hello@woodenfingers.co.uk

Chrissy deccy workshop, A Fabulous POP UP DIY Christmas Decoration Workshop, 6 – 6.45 @ the Stag and Bow on Dartmouth

Kids Street Dance 6 – 6.45 @Twist Studios Masterclass (circuit training) 7 – 7.45 @ Twist Studios, Pilates 8 – 8.45 @ Twist Studio. More Info: http://www.twiststudios.co.uk / Call Adam 07737 785567

Bra Fitting and Q+A @ 3 – Late, The Fitting Studio, More Info: http://www.thefittingstudio.co.uk/ / 020 8613 8038

Pop Up Bar @ Sylvan Post (The Old Post Office), Mulled Wine, Cocktails and DIY Christmas Card Workshop, 3 – Late.

How to: Percussion with School of Rhythm
@ 6 – 6.45 @ Robert Standford Real Estate, More info: Dom and Vall, School of Rhythm, http://www.schoolofrhythm.com / info@schoolofrhythm.com

L+Q Housing Advice, Free Goodies and Massage
in their local office Kingswear House. Pop along and meet L&Q staff , 5 – 7. More Info: http://www.lqgroup.org.uk/

Life Coaching , “Change for the Better” with Lesley Stopford from inspiredcoaching, 7 – 7.45 @ Eatons Properties, More Info: www.inspiredcoachinguk.com / 020 8291 9689

Welsh Real Ale Fest and Food Promotion 3 – late @ All Inn One Pub

How to: Singing Class with Lisa , 8 – 8.45 @ Eaton’s Properties, More info: Lisa 07932 067773 / 020 8699 2825, isathorner2006@yahoo.co.uk

How to: Creative Writing with Maggie Smith, 7 – 7.45 @ Forest Hill Library, More Info: Maggie magu3a@talktalk.net

Join in: African Drums with Malachi Mentoring Services, 7 – 7.45 @ All Inn One, More Info: http://1stmalachimentoring.org/index.html/home.html / Imani 020 8692 4446

Check out that campervan – Award winning campervan hire and campervan gifts with this year’s best new Lewisham business winner, CamperVantastic… your adventure starts here! More Info http://www.campervantastic.com/. Tel Steve 208 291 6800

Indian Night, Curry Explorer “Free Taster Sessions
, 6 -l ate @ Wetherspoons.

Yoga Gestalten 6 – 6.45 @ Forest Hill Library, More info: http://yoga-gestalten.co.uk, Katrin Heuser, kat@yoga-gestalten.co.uk, 07977 968 887

How to: Beautiful Thai Vegetable Carving, 2 x 45 minute sessions 6- 6.45, 7 – 7.45 @ Thai Orchard Restaurant. More Info: http://thaiorchard.com/

Offering skincare advice and POPUPFORESTHILL Christmas Vouchers – a walking POP UP around Forest Hill, 3 – late. More Info: JH Skincare Clinic, 137 Kirkdale, London, SE26 4QJ, 020 8699 1998, janis@jhskincareclinic.co.uk

Christmas Hair (including young people), 3 -6 @ Mirror Mirror (CHANGE: THESE SESSIONS WILL NOW START AT 6). More info: Sally 07867 781 419

Kids Storytelling
4 – 5 @ From the Forest, More Info: info@kollier.co.uk

Write a Song, Play an Instrument, Lay Down a Track, Play in a Band!
No previous musical experience needed. Kids Jamming and Recording with The Songstress. 4 – 4.45 @The Hob
More info: www.yoursongstress.com / 07545 638 441

Young Movie Maker Screenings and Information on Forest Hill Activities
for Young People in and around Forest Hill. 3 -6at platform 1 (Connexions)

T-Shirt Painting (Cost: £3.50 per shirt) We will also be offering complimentary tapas and sangria as well as 10% off all purchases on the night from 4. More Info: 148 Kirkdale, Sydenham, SE26 4BB, 020 3417 6385, mail@alhambrahome.co.uk

Event In Pictures

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Who would have believed this celebration of local community would occur during an unexpected snowfall that meant all trains into and out of Forest Hill would stop running and we would find our little town centre quite literally isolated from the outside world? Despite, and in some ways because of the incredible weather, the Who is…? Forest Hill Pop Up was a real success.

Event Images

A Chilly Night at the Campervantastic Info Desk

A Cosy Scene - The Christmas Deccy Workshop at Stag and Bow

Dom with Students Inside Robert Stanford Real Estate

Just as Woodenfinger's puppet show is about to kick off at Sylvan Post

Join in Jazz at From the Forest

Making Christmas Cards

Mirror Mirror - Christmas Hair Crew (Contact New Shopper to Purchase)

African Drummming Workshop at the Mind Body Academy

Vegetable Carving Workshop at the Thai Orchard

Jonathan Naess - Green Without the Envy (Contact New Shopper to Purchase)

Doing Local - Dulwich OnView at St David Coffee House

Carol Singers at Forest Hill Shoe Repair

Mayor Steve Bullock and Antic's Philly at Sylvan Post

Maria the Songstress at The Hob

Woodenfinger Puppet Theatre (Contact New Shopper for purchase)